12 Incredible Bicycle Concepts of The Future

Eco 07 Compactible Urban Bike


Created by Victor Aleman, the Eco 07 Compactible bicycle could be a revelation for urban cyclists who need to be able to commute to and from work on their machines. The Eco 7 is a yellow-orange cycle with broad lines, dark colors, and futuristic looking wheels. It is a fixed gear style bike so it will require some familiarity with the style but it looks like it handles so well. The big draw for the Eco 7 is the fact that it compacts down to the size of a brief case. This bicycle can be disassembled completely. Even the wheels fold up. The secret is in the wheels. Each wheel consists of 6 modules that can be separated and folded up to save up space. Imagine being able to take your full sized, sturdy fixie, into your office before dropping it down to fit in a little box underneath your desk. Pretty awesome right? With how much you’ll be riding this beast around you might need to take out some bicycle travel insurance before too long!