15+ Secrets Your Hotel Staff Won’t Tell You

Don’t use the Duvet

Ask almost any hotel maid and they’ll tell you the truth – duvets, coverlets, and sheets rarely get washed. An anonymous maid admitted that if she comes across a duvet with a small stain that can be blotted out, she’ll pat it down with water until it’s barely visible. With the sheets, if they aren’t wrinkled and have no stains, they almost never get changed. Instead, the maid will smooth out the surface and lint roll the bed to freshen it up.

I cleaned hotel rooms for two weeks. During my training, I once found an obvious jizz crust on the coverlet. I told the woman I was working with that it needed to be cleaned and she responded “Just wipe it with a damp cloth until you can’t see it any more” like it was no big deal.