20+ Wedding Dresses That Should Have Never Existed


One of those big dreams that every little girl has is to walk down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress. People sometime plan wedding for months, if not years. Let’s be clear, this is not going to be a list of the most beautiful wedding dresses. With so much planning, you would think everything would turn out great but…some of these dresses look like they were designed by little girls. Some look like they belong in a strip club. And some just don’t make any sense at all!




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  1. Union Lacktivist says:

    Let it all hang out? Jesus. That outfit works for me! So I guess I don’t need to bother with reading the complaints of the homosexual and/or angry and ugly author.

    I can just look at the pics and hope there are more like her. What a hottie!

  2. FlippinBirds says:

    I’d marry her.

  3. The Last Saxon says:

    “The bride made her dress out of her favorite sheep’s fur.”


  4. DrJonnyChepe says:

    Build that wall already…

  5. Benjamin King says:

    I recognize the first girl. She has been in numerous adult films.

  6. Richard Bell says:

    The baby bump dress seems like the result of things not going as planned and a sincere attempt to make the glamorous and expensive dress again wearable for the occasion.

    I admit that I base my opinion solely on the combination of how ‘wrong’ dress looks, an imagined vision of the dress on a fertile, but unfertilized, young woman with a narrower opening filled with a lace panel, and the expression of (what appears to me) resignation, on her face.

    It is my hope that, with the passage of time, she is able to flip through the photos, point this one out to the child, and laugh as she tells the story.

  7. bigtoe1111 says:

    ahhhh..so…it’s 20+ pics. it never ends………..

  8. Jim Rush says:

    Shoulda’ used the condoms for their purpose, or were they used already?

  9. cyclodoc says:

    She/he should keep it simple and make a choice.

  10. Gillian Bergh says:

    The pink power dress is quite attractive. Why should every bride wear white?

    • Carolyn maynard says:

      Most shouldnt be wearing white. They mostly have shacked up for years before getting married and arent fooling anyone. In that case they should be honest and wear whatever color they wish.White was meant as purity and we all know thats a joke.

  11. McFifi says:

    That is Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles in 1981.

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