15+ Secrets Your Flight Attendants Won’t Tell You

If you’ve flown enough over the years you’ve probably heard the same in-flight instructions on how to fasten your seat belt, where to exit the plane, and what to do in the case of emergencies. Flight attendants will keep all kinds of secrets and even the most frequent of fliers might not know what actually goes on during their flights. We’ve found flight attendants willing to share some of their best kept secrets. Some are actually quite helpful,some on the other hand you’ll wish you never knew…

We present the most hilarious and horrifying confessions from flight attendants:

24 Responses

  1. unoga says:

    this passenger would really annoy me!!!

  2. Beallthere says:

    Manplate, please check spelling and punctuation before you post anything. For example: ‘ a friend flew and owl once . . .’
    ..It should be a friend flew an owl once, not and owl. This example is manini, but there are errors all throughout your article. Please ?

    • Olaf Bloodaxe says:

      If you insist upon criticising the man, please attempt to quote his perceived errors verbatim, otherwise it makes you look as bad as him (as in your case, above). His text stated, “Had to fly and owl once.” not, as you claim, a “friend” flying it!

      In addition, your double full points, to start a sentence, mean you are less skilled at punctuation than the man you criticise. I would stay quiet if I were you.

    • bobloblaw says:

      Beallthere, if you plan on correcting other people’s grammar in the future, please have a better understanding of the language. Your sentence structure needs work, and using “you” and “your” in reference to a website rather than a person implies that you have no idea how pronouns work. Please ?

      (The space before the question mark is to mock your typing skills in your previous post)

    • Veronica Anne Saunders says:

      Beallthere…..You’re weird! No doubt a control freak, maybe a micro manager? Who the fac do you think you are? Who ask you to play grammer dick😐

  3. Mark Barber says:

    Who is the girl in the white dress? Yowza!

  4. Ron Elliott says:

    Old Pilot here. They do not leave the flaps up FOR THE LANDING ! To do so would require the airplane to land at a much higher speed, require much more distance to land and come to a stop, require much more braking energy to come to a stop, could possibly create so much heat the brakes could explode…maybe some other stuff the person who wrote the story forgot to tell us.

  5. Ron Elliott says:

    Please name one major operator this applies to?

  6. Mazliza Othman says:

    So why would you want to cause annoyance to a pilot who is trying to get the plane you’re on to take off / land safely?

  7. i dont get that thing about the button that makes the chair go up. how does that work?

  8. Margaret Hardy says:

    What a waste of time reading this…. Nothing new at all.
    And why were the Bimboes even there ?

  9. Flya says:

    The “There are dead people on your plane” slide shows Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer where she played a character that could see the dead.. lol that’s funny

  10. camaro_mang says:

    ewww dirty water

  11. Oneeye Jeff says:

    Those sexy stewardesses, especially for a white dress lady with nice boobs, are hot! I have to run to the bathroom and play myself. They will never accept me anyway because I am an incredible ugly, old disability, and burly white ape that freak them out!

  12. Windel Wilson says:

    If we shouldn’t drink the water on a plane (and I never do) what do you do when they serve you something to drink with ice cubes?

  13. dukestreet says:

    Since when are flight crew on board when cabin cleaners are working? Have never seen flight crew arrive that early,so, how would a flight attendant know what cleaning is done?

  14. A. Attavar says:

    The MEL is a list that stipulates the minimum on-board safety equipment list ie portable oxygen bottles, fire extinguishers, life jackets, etc not allowable defects which would be a Allowable Deferred Defects (ADD) list and is listed in the aircraft tech logs.

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