25 Most Gorgeous Female Politicians

Politics is never business as usual and who wouldn’t want brains, beauty and confidence? We have here a list of twenty five ladies that are making major inroads in the world of politics while being very photogenic. Isn’t it just better to have younger, attractive people making the policies we don’t appreciate? If your community is fortunate enough to have one of these 25 beautiful policymakers, then we envy you! Politics just got a whole lot less boring.

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  1. colin enniskillen says:

    About half of them are attractive and the rest ok

  2. Como se merece says:

    Cristina Kirchner?

    Sarah Palin?


    What about Margaret Thatcher?

    Shit List…

  3. Netanel mamos says:

    Ayelet Shaked from israel,
    Minister of Justice since 2015.
    One of the most beautiful politican women

  4. Glenn says:

    Does the Queen of Jordan qualify for the title “politician” ? She seems to be the only one on the list who has not actually been elected to har post. There are many gordeous queens an pricesses in the world.

  5. Carlos Ferreira says:

    Let’s see some photos of the people you’re dating

  6. Ricard Sanz says:

    Ines Arrimadas. Leader of the Ciudadanos party in Catalonia (Spain)

  7. Blab says:

    I hate her, but #1
    maria elena boschi

  8. Aubrey John DeBliquy says:

    How did they make it through 25 gorgeous politicians without Tulsi Gabbard?

  9. Aubrey John DeBliquy says:

    How did they make it through 25 gorgeous politicians without Tulsi Gabbard?

    • Aleksandar says:

      Because she is no good compared to the easatern and southern european hots, haha, hamburger

      • Aubrey John DeBliquy says:

        Ha Ha This lady Tulsi Gabbard is Hindu, a high ranking military veteran, a surfer, smart and she is beautiful inside and out. Not just a pretty face.

    • MahaRana Pratap says:

      The criteria was “Hott” not “Beauty with Brain”…

    • parasol_stars says:

      Because they don’t include too heavily photoshopped images.

    • LoveThickWhiteWomen says:

      Tulsi Gabbard has bad skin on her face. Looks like she had really bad acne at one time. Maybe that’s why she didn’t make the cut.

      Don’t take my word for it, Google her name and check out some of the photos.

  10. David Reece says:

    Bachmann and Palin? FFS, they are ugly hags.

  11. Peter Hjørland says:

    How about our Nikita…

  12. Rosh Raz says:

    This article has surely missed Ms. Rosy Senanayake. She was crowned Mrs. World in 1985 and was a former Minister in the Sri Lankan Government. She continues to participate actively in politics to date.

  13. Mark Stevanus says:

    I can’t believe they forgot Merkel! :)

  14. Wodja says:

    Julia Bonk? Bonk?! :)

  15. Matsimba says:

    You surely want to convince me that you have searched, since the dawn of Uhuru in Africa and the Caribbean, for gorgeous female politicians and found none. I challenge you to search further and farther, for according to your list the bulky of the beauties are on the Mediterranean side of Europe, it goes without saying that across the sea you shall find similar ones if not better.

  16. Anabel Lopez says:

    La verdad es que estan muy bien

  17. Buck Low says:

    Sarah Palin? Seriously? Please!

    • Stein-Erik Dahle says:

      She’s very pretty until she opens her mouth…

      • blusportie says:

        At which point she becomes beautiful to American patriots, but ugly as sin to the far lefties.

        • Stein-Erik Dahle says:

          Why does americans love stupid people so much? You even want to be RULED by them? Like this beyond embarrassing Donald Trump… He’s changing his position on anything and everything more often than he changes shirts, and you’re still not able to look through various his bullshit! He doesn’t even understand the basics of either domestic or foreign US policy, he doesn’t EVEN have a basic understanding of US society! And despite this he somehow got a very real chance of becoming the next PRESIDENT!!! How crazy is that!

          Would you let some random person perform brain surgery on yourself or your kids? Would you let any waiter fix your car? But you’d let this guy become PRESIDENT? Maybe you’d let Palin be VP?

          I simply don’t understand this…

          • Concerned American says:

            I will help you understand. Trump is a billionaire. He got that way because he is smart. He surrounds himself with smart people and will do the same when he is elected President. The President is only ONE PERSON, but his/her ADMINISTRATION is THOUSANDS of people. Read the top portion of this web page: https://www.whitehouse.gov/administration – this backs up what I am saying.

          • ingepinge says:

            You seem to conclude that since Trump is a fairly good businessman (Trump University, several bankrupties, during his infamous campaign some of his hotels are down 70% i revenue), he would also be a fairly good statesman and politician. Trump seem to care about himself and his own. He seem to be an egomaniac. Maybe that is good in US business. But its not good in politics, neither domestic or international.
            Obama has reduced the US deficit although the GOP has done their best to obstruct his policies in every way possible. I urge you to check your sources for information – if one source is saying one thing and another something else, then check a third. If Breitbart and Fox are your sources then go opposite to MSNBC, Huffington and Daily Kos. From outside your newssources seem far from neutral, fair and balanced… That should make you very sceptical to the news you are feed.
            Most people outside the US has a very good impression of Obama. He seem to be a sincere, calm, wise and reflected politician and statesman with a witty tongue and a warm heart.
            Trump is more like the school yard bully getting in position. You never hear politicians form the opposite side talk with so little respect about muslims, Mexicans, latinos, women, minorities, other politicians, other countries… ?!
            What is so “great” about a leader that behave like Trump does? Will it make you proud to be led by a person like that? Are you looking forward to the wars he are announcing?

          • Concerned American says:

            “Obama has reduced the US deficit” – are you on crack?


            Since Obama has added $10,000,000,000,000 to our national DEBT, Trump may need to use a strategic default in order get Democrats and Republicans to realize that they have a spending problem.

            Your entertaining yet rambling prose lacks detail – simply lots of emotion. Obama has been an abject failure for American and only Trump can save our economy from complete collapse.

          • ingepinge says:

            He-he .. so my positive arguments about Obama is emotion while your arguing for Trump is reason?

            Sorry, Obama has reduced the annual budget deficits with 75% since W was in charge. Understanding deficits and debts is complex. There are a lot of factors weighing in. Maybe there are spending problems? But you also have a strange fixation that reducing taxes will solve your problems…?
            What can save your economy from total collapse is craving big business, churches and the 1% start paying their fair share of taxes. That you cut your military spening. That you stop subsidising big business. That the middle class and american workers get a descent pay for their work, so that money again start circulating. That you start looking to all the other industrialized countries in the world and see what they do on these issues, on health care, school, student loans, unions, paid maternal leave, paid holidays aso. Maybe you could borrow some ideas?
            You are a great country, but there can be something to learn and copy from others?
            I dont think Trump can take you in a new and wanted direction. He brings out the worst in you, and I know that you people are much better than he make you show.

          • Concerned American says:

            Here is my parting comment. Adding $10,000,000,000,000 to our national debt is MASSIVE FAILURE in any thinking person’s point of view – it eclipses any small achievement that he has done in seven years.

          • ingepinge says:

            Yes, if you take no other concerns it surely is. I agree.
            But you have to take into condideration the Qs I raise above! And you also have to see that the GOP sat down in an infamous meeting the day after Obama won and agreed upon one thing – never participate in Obamas politics and obstruct and repeal as much as they can.
            How can you do constructive and good politics when they are not willing to compromise and seek common solutions?

            I think Bernie Sanders is right – you have a rigged economy. The Top 1% take it all. That is not gonna change with Trump. He is one of the rich guys, and he has already scheduled a tax plan that favors the 1%. He will not fight Big Co`s sending money to tax havens. He will not stop government subsidising Big Co`s..
            He will blame it all on poor people, black, latinos, women, LGBT, minorites .. just as GOP have done the past 8-25 years or so. And as long as white working people in the US think they have more in common white rich people than other working and middle class people, things are not going to change.

          • 1911 says:

            Spoken like true GOP member. Refusing to acknowledge Obama”s accomplishments, all the while standing in the way of progress.

          • 1911 says:

            Dude you’re delusional. Obama an abject failure? In spite of GOP opposition, Obama has accomplished a long list of achievements. Step away from Fox News and Rush and Google Obama’s accomplishments while president. Naaaaah, you want do that, because it counters your argument.

          • Concerned American says:

            You said he has a “Long list of accomplishments” but were not able to list ANY. I will list something he did: added $10,000,000,000,000 to our national DEBT. Google “national debt clock” – look at the big red number in the upper left corner. It was 8,000,000,000,000 when Obama started.

          • ingepinge says:

            The differance ….
            President Obama; “This memorial day, I hope you will join me in acts of rememberance. The debt we owe our fallen heroes is one we can never truly repay.”
            Donald Trump; “I would like to wish everyone including haters and losers (of which sadly there are many) a truly happy and enjoyable Memorail Day.”

          • blusportie says:

            I agree 100% with Concerned American’s reply, and will add my own take. America, like all countries, has no shortage of fools, and we will never have a perfect president because there are no perfect people.
            Having said that, America has done more good for humanity than any nation in history. May I respectfully submit to you, sir, that but for the U.S.A., you may well be speaking German today.
            Trump is an egotistical, bombastic, and often embarrassing man. But in addition to all the qualities C.A. mentioned, Donald Trump has a most important one – one not shared by either Barack Obama or Hideous Hillary Clinton – he loves America and puts the interests of Americans above those of evildoers who would destroy us and all civilization.

          • ingepinge says:

            Trump loves America so much that he has outsourced many of his businesses to foreign countries. He get items produced in China and Mexico. He loves the American people so much that he doesnt care if he fooled some of them with his Trump University. Or with several bankrupties. He has also announced taht he will take away social security and health insurance through ACAct. He loves his fellow countrymen so much that he says that some of them are OK (white men), some are not OK (muslims, latinos, women). He loves American people so much that he would not hesitate to send young men and women to fight foreign wars.
            You have to realize that when it comes to international affairs its not who has the biggest weapons that win. First and foremost its about negotiating and securing peaceful solutions. Bush and Cheneys warmongering created the mess in todays Iraq. There is no need the copy that any other places as long as it can be avoided. Trump has not shown any willingness to humble arguments when it comes to difficult topics. I would not have his small chubby fingers anywhere close to the red button.

          • blusportie says:

            Trump employs more women than Hideous Hillary ever has & pays them more than that slimy slattern does. I’m not in love with the guy either, but the choices are going to be only two: Something different, or more of exactly the same. It’s clear that the majority of Americans have had it with America’s decline under Obama and are wanting our country back. It took a Carter to give us a Reagan, and it’s taken socialist Muslim Obama to give rise to bombastic buffoon Trump.
            As for Iraq, Bush made beaucoup mistakes, no question. But, when Obama took over in ’09, the peace was won. Iran with nukes, the rise of ISIS, chaos in Syria, the fall of Libya, etc, etc, is 100% square on the skinny, sagging shoulders of Obama, no question of that either.

          • ingepinge says:

            I am a social democrat living in Europe :-) I am very interested in American politics
            and I find it very interesting how your system doesnt seem to favour
            compromise but instead want it MY way or NO way. Nothing in between … And it also lead to vicous and hateful verbal attacks from both
            sides. People warn me about discussing politics in the US and I hear the
            same from US citizens in Europe. Over here you can sit down during
            lunch or at a family party and have discussions. I hear you have to avoid
            politics in these settings…?
            But honestly – what do you think Trump will do that will effect your every day life … school, health care, infrastructure, job creation, wages? Has he laid out a plan on these issues?
            Why do you feel Trump is more your man than Bernie Sanders is? When you hear them talk and the issues they raise – why is it that Trump applies to you and Sanders doesnt? You dont have to answer me, but I hope that you are not stuck in predjudices and simple namecalling.
            Carter in a historic review is a true and honest Christian pastor that gave your 4 years without war and with steady boring government. He was mocked by Iran and the hostage situation and the hostages were released the same day as Reagan was innaugurated. I guess its the Iran situation that still affect how many of you view him.
            Reagan gave you trickle down economics and shut down the unions which has reduced the growth of income of the middle class. Have you seen the graphics on how the wage gap and inequality has increased since 1980? On the other hand – on many issues he was so California liberal that he wouldnt stand a chance in todays GOP. Just listen to what his son and the late Nancy have said …
            The peace was far from won in Iraq in 2009, come on! Its only the warmongers in the GOP that think the Iran deal is bad. Otherwise its widely acclaimed as good diplomacy and good negotiations. China and Russia are to blame for the situation in Syria. They rejected any intervention. After losing so many soldiers in Iraq, why would the US push and want to go in on ground again in a Middle East country?
            The ISIS rose in this chaotic situation and is a strange case. They are on ground inside a country and with no access to sea. Who buys the oil they sell? Where do they get weapon from? Where they get the cars, food, other stuff? Wouldnt it be quite easy to just shut them in? The Iran sanctions worked quite effectively that way? Who keep them going and who want them keep going? Follow the money, is always a good rule…

  18. Jiov says:

    Angela Gerekou from Greece (even if I wouldn’t ever vote her).


    Former minister of Tourism, member of the Parliament and before that, actor (once played in Antonioni’s film). And she is 57 y.o.! (the picture is 2-3 years ago)

  19. Mani Thamiz says:

    Ramya AKA Divya

    A Tamil actress turned politician, Ramya’s original name is Divya. This year she made an entry into politics after being elected to Parliament. At the age of 30, she became one of India’s young members of Parliament.

  20. Hanna Marcus says:

    You seem to turn a blind eye to at least hundred women in Romanian politics, some of them at very top of the ladder, who are worthy the title of Miss Universe hands down. As for the 25 gals pictured here, a few of them are as ugly as hell. But hey, they are American, so that explains it all.

  21. Hanna Marcus says:

    Elena Udrea, former head of the Tourism Ministry, member of the Romanian Parliament and currently prosecuted in several courts for corruption etc etc (tens of millions of Euros !). Rumours about her having an affair with President Basescu…

  22. Hanna Marcus says:

    Alina Gorghiu, head of the National Liberal Party of Romania (second major political force in this country). Recently, she gave birth to a baby boy named Noah.

    • CaleIntoarsa says:

      Despite the fact Alina Gorghiu may look great in some pictures, she’s a dumb bitch without charisma. What about Elena Udrea ? She has no more relevance in politics anymore since she has been trialed for corruption. But in the past decade she has been the sex symbol of Romanian politics, posing for glamour magazines and the symbol of the high level corruption, alleged president mistress, widely accused in media for all the bad in our county, loved and hated in the same time. She was arrested for corruption and detained for few months but she’s free now, dealing with some corruption trials and is expected to get a sentence of few years in jail… Life beats the movie :)

  23. Mariusz Brzeziński says:

    Magdalena Ogórek- historian, politician and actor

  24. David says:

    Wow! this is just sexist.

  25. Fady Ebrahim says:

    Streeda geagea the lebanese deputy

  26. 1001 says:

    Ines Arrimadas, leader of the opposition party in the catalan parliament. Definitely missing among the top ten.

  27. Menglim Tung says:

    What about the former Thai PM Yingluk Shinawatra? she must rank no. 1

  28. Geor yot says:

    Eva Kaili with a hot bikini

  29. Tony Lund says:

    Bits of useless info mingled with scam adds.

  30. Dottore Ponta says:

    Hot bitch this one…

  31. judith taylor says:

    How did Sarah Palin make the list and not Lisa Hanna from Jamaica? She was a miss world . Very bias list

  32. Bos says:

    I know that you already put in 3 or 4 italians (yeah, our politicians are a joke) but do you really forgot about BOSCHI?

    She is a solid 8/10 guys, and….omg,
    SARAH PALIN for real??? That granny compared to


  33. Angel Arnal says:

    Mireia Mollà, from Compromís, a party from Valencia in Spain.

  34. Fernan says:

    Inés Arrimadas :3

  35. robertsgt40 says:

    And we get Hildabeast and Pelosi

  36. Max Bendecho says:

    Sarah Palin on fourth place?…. are you guys drunk?

  37. Maria Celeste Ramos says:

    MEN adores COW milk

  38. Yap Pak leong says:

    Where are the gorgeous woman prime Ministers of Thailand and Pakistan /

  39. Diogo De Salles Costa says:

    rouffled feathers ? COME ON MANPLATE !!! then ‘Iatlian politician’ for Michela Vittoria Brambilla

  40. kanyinga nyinga says:

    Really no blacks in this list? …. please google Rama Yade…

  41. Ivor says:

    Strange list. What about the Jamaican Lisa Hanna who is a Member of Parliament, former Minister of Government and former Miss World?

  42. 25 best?! there is only one in this page, crap website with fake titles, fuck you for wasting my time

  43. Taiki says:

    Where is Hillary?

  44. Maurice Curie says:

    How about Christine LAGARDE, the current managing director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) ?
    Er, oops ! er, oops !…

    “Oops !… I Dared It Again” [sic]
    (photo : NOT Lady Diana !)

  45. Fiquito says:

    Oh, man, were did you guys leave Camila Vallejo from Chile?

  46. John Mike says:

    Alina Gorghiu is another good looking politician, but cunning and untrustworthy. Also Elena Basescu she all but looks.

  47. Santha says:

    Nobody knows if she is a male, female or a transgender or maybe just another suicide bomber……….. her knuckles look gorgeous.

  48. Tony says:

    Lydia Abela, Malta Labour Party senior official

  49. redheights108 says:

    How about Israel’s Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked

  50. Mario Micallef says:

    I think you left out Croatia’s President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic


  51. Ken says:

    Four Americans made the cut. One isn’t ”Gorgeous”, two are complete whack jobs and one of them needs to be drug tested. Frequently

  52. Marius says:

    CFK Hot? Gorgeous? She is 63 and shows it

  53. jamekya says:

    This list is invalid without former Minister Lissa Hanna of Jamaica who won the miss world competition in 1993 and looks just as good or even better now. ….don’t take my word for it ask Google

  54. BOAkwe says:

    Most people don’t know this Nigerian Senator. Gbemisola Rukayat Saraki She is absolutely gorgeous. Hon. Member, House of Representatives 1999-2003; Distinguished Senator, National Assembly 2003-2011

  55. Mark H says:

    Hey, no goo liberals like Clinton, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Patty Murray. They should go on the ugliest list.

  56. G. says:

    What about Hilary Clinton?

  57. ClemRed says:

    “Most gorgeous politician I know” should have been the title. The title dont say worldwide.

  58. Interesting. Take note @ wazobians.com

  59. disqus_CxGb9SG7gP says:

    Of course am bias. My wife of 29 years Nellie O’Reilly. A legislator in the VI.

  60. anonim says:

    You sure don’t know romanian female politicians!

  61. Az says:

    Nicole Minetti obviously needed a lot of support in the PDL and I am sure every man there would have been happy to support with both hands but alas!

  62. Jean Larose says:

    Najat Vallau-Benkacem minister of education in France

  63. Bridgette says:

    Huh? Where is Lisa Hannah of Jamaica?????? Former Miss World?!?!?!

  64. Kay says:

    Oboshie Sai Cofie of Ghana is one of the most beutiful and intelligent politicians in the world

  65. Aimeé Irizarry says:

    Puerto Rico has the sexiest of them all. If Alexandra Lugaro, independent candidate for the island’s governor wins, definitely she’ll make the number one in the list.

  66. CE says:

    Sethrida Geagea: Most Gorgeous Politician from LEBANON

  67. dis-qussion says:

    the person who wrote this article is simply born blind !

  68. Wellington La says:

    Olga Kefalogianni – Minister of Tourism in Greece

  69. Forest Aflame says:

    Eva Irgl from Slovenia…

  70. Passageways says:

    There are lots of things to say about this idiotic article. Whatever, the one thing that stands out is a lot of makeup, plastic surgery and big breasts.

    One PM who is a very attractive woman, in a natural and not a Barbie doll way, and who has tried to do a lot for democracy but was ousted in a coup in 2014 is Yingluck Shinawatra of Thailand.

  71. PharellMan says:

    Oh c’mon, Joanna Mucha? Poland had way prittier female politicians! Magdalena Ogórek for example!

  72. voiceandtext bulksms says:

    Politics without brains, confidence, and beauty is questionable.
    Register for a bulk sms account here: http://www.voiceandtext.com

  73. geronimonkey says:

    How is this even an article? There are so few female politicians as it is, and you just have to sexualise and objectify those who’ve broken through the glass ceiling to reach this point. God forbid men allow women to simply perform their jobs without worrying about the male gaze at the same time.

  74. PIRJO AARONI says:

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  75. ptrjt says:

    And what about Dóra Dúró from Hungary?

  76. Vanja says:

    I can’t believe they’ve forgotten about slovenian Eva Irgl… Way better looking than half of these above

  77. Katia Kat says:

    the italian arent really politician ….

  78. JR Riv says:

    How did they make it through 25 gorgeous politicians without Alexandra Lugaro from Puerto Rico?

  79. sprad says:

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  80. Leonard Sica says:

    Palin & Bachman ,, no way no thanks

  81. Leo says:

    25 gorgeous politicians AND they did not include Hillary ?????

  82. kelvinspencer says:

    well one thing about most women in politics is that they break protocols and still expect sympathy from people imagine what this south African defense minster did”HOW south African defence minister smuggles female friend in state jet


  83. ΠΑΤΗΡ says:

    Greek rules!
    Elena Rapti,Eva Kaili,Noni Dounia

  84. bob smith says:

    Author take note…reverse the pictures as no 25 is without any doubt the hottest. You got the order backwards.

  85. Catsrbest says:

    Rather too many Italian women politicians in the list isn’t it? They really do vote for boobs rather than brains don’t they?

  86. KostasGunner13 says:

    You can’t miss Noni Douni from a list like this. You just CAN’T! With love from Greece 😉

  87. Serj says:

    Where the fuck is MARIA ELENA BOSCHI an italian minister?? Use google.

  88. soflo49 says:

    Why didn’t Hillary Clinton make the list? LOL, I almost said that with a straight face

  89. P/R says:

    You mean to tell me that they did not include Nikki Haley’s fine A$$ in this list?! WTF! Although she is a political analyst, no list is complete without Karenn Finney ;o)

  90. Marco Corsi says:

    You mentioned 3 italians but you forgot Maria Elena Boschi, current Minister for Constitutional Reforms. Btw, it’s better if you forgot to consider Nicole Minetti as a politician, considering that she was appointed by Berlusconi only for her “contribution” to the so-called “bunga bunga” nights…

  91. Sofia AhNa says:

    Queen Rania is palestinian

  92. Fazlur Rahman says:

    Yulia Tymoshenko, the first woman appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine looks exactly like Princess Leia Organa from star wars!

  93. JohanVanLoon says:

    Zuhal Demir is a Flemish lawyer & politician who has been an MP for Belgian’s largest party since 2010. From 2013 till 2015 she was also the mayor of the district of Antwerp.

  94. JohanVanLoon says:

    Anke Van Dermeersch is a Flemish lawyer & senator since 2003 for a far-right party. She became Miss Belgium in 1992 and made it to the final 6 in the Miss Universe pageant in 1992…

  95. JohanVanLoon says:

    Nadia Sminate is MP in the Flemish parliament for the biggest Belgian party (the same one Zuhal Demir belongs to…) and mayor of the town of Londerzeel (18,000 inhabitants).

  96. JohanVanLoon says:

    Fréderique Ries was a television journalist and became an MEP in 1999 for the francophone liberal party. In 2004 she was a member of the Belgian government for 6 months…

  97. JohanVanLoon says:

    Assita Kanko is a council member in the Brussels commune of Elsene (82,000 inhabitants) for the francophone liberal party and has a master in international politics. She is also an author of female circumcision and feminism.

  98. GrtBlu says:

    Nicole Minetti has been awfully naughty, when she is out, I’d like to spank her.

  99. Major Suave says:

    Cmon Sarah Palin looks like a trash compactor next to anyone else on this list. Why no Melanie Joly? Minister of Canadian Heritage. http://www.1310news.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/sites/4/2015/11/05/Melanie-Joly.jpg

  100. Right Alan Lower says:

    WoW!…Gorgeous and?…Excellents Beauties!…(;)…

  101. existTOresist says:

    Anna Kindberg Batra Swedish M-politician – how about that?

  102. Captain Desjardin says:

    Sarah Palin is disgusting.

  103. birdonawire says:

    shame there aren’t any articles on the hottest male politicians. how about the most powerful female politicians? or the most influential, successful… Such a sexist article. Shame on you.

  104. Internat says:

    And look what we end up with…Teresa May & the little Scottish Ginger Gremlin etc: It’s not fair. :-(

  105. José Pérez aka DJ Boy says:

    En España… Irene Montero (Podemos) e Inés Arrimadas (Ciudadanos)

  106. Pieter Crush says:

    What about Lisa Hanna from Jamaica? The person who compiled this is a total Jackass.

  107. soledad says:

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eabeff941c03820af499ff60d2bdac6c3e53d5a12f5213ab9fce0446a1097e36.jpg Come on, do your homework, there are more beauties in Latin America in politics than Peru and Argentina. Take for example: Camila Vallejo, who´s a chilean geographer and Communist Party politician, currently serving as a member of the Chamber of Deputies, representing District 26 of La Florida, in Santiago, Chile. She was president and spokesperson of Confech (Confederation of Chilean Universities) and prominent leader in the 2011 protests for Free and Quality Education. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/99237388598204257943072d99b803fee7f7e467c08c8ed66fcf893d46b941e5.jpg

  108. Sabine is also al Rock Singer!

  109. shibazi says:

    Valentine’s day best gift 2017

  110. shibazi says:

    Titanic Director Cutxxx

  111. david nuttall says:

    gee they all have great cleavage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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