7 Motorcycles That Are a Huge Waste of Money

Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa


The legendary Suzuki Hayabusa was released in 1999 and immediately claimed the title of the world’s fastest production motorcycle, with top speeds of over 188-194 miles per hour, a distinction it still holds onto today. And in spite of the tire-shredding speeds it’s capable of, it’s still lauded to be a well-behaved road bike. But for some people, the words “well-behaved” means that Suzuki left untapped performance on the production floor, and these people won’t stop till they get more. Which is how the AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa was born. The carbon fiber Hayabusa is exactly just that: a Hayabusa replaced with as many carbon fiber parts as possible. This not only reduces weight significantly, but also adds a hefty price tag. A regular Hayabusa would have cost you just over $15,000 brand new, whereas the carbon fiber Hayabusa will set you back over $160,00…which is probably $150,000 more performance than most people will ever need.