Female Bodyguards In China Are So Important, Because…

In the United States, and most other Western Countries we are used to seeing big, tall, and muscular men as Bodyguards. But, in China it’s the complete opposite. The most popular kinds of bodyguards in China not only are female, but they are tall, skinny, beautiful, model-like females. But, boy they can kick butt! They are placed through the most intensive kinds of training, challenging both their minds, bodies, and souls. The reason female bodyguards are considered so valuable is because they work so well as undercover bodyguards. No one expects beautiful women to be strong as hell, and be able to out-do any size/type bad guy. When hired, they are hired to work under a secretary or personal assistant disguise. Little do  these bad guys know that under the pretty clothes, is a total badass super hero!
All of the women in the program are put through rigorous self defense training.
They learn a multitude of grappling techniques, such as the Americana….
…triangle choke…
While the martial arts training can be fun, it’s also very intense.
…and rear naked choke.
The trainees always end their session exhausted, but invigorated.
Compared to the rest of their training, though, being choked out and punched is a walk in the park.
They are pushed to their limit both mentally and physically.
Even for the many women who are retired soldiers and athletes, the training activities are a huge challenge.
However, you can become a female bodyguard regardless of your background, so long as you meet the physical requirements.
While some schools are strictly female, many others are mixed-gender… but the women keep right up with their male counterparts
In addition to being tough as nails, many of the woman who are ultimately hired as bodyguards are also tall and attractive.
No one would ever expect a pretty young woman to be able to kick their butt, but that’s exactly why these women are so in-demand
This is largely due to the fact that many female guards are ordered to disguise themselves as secretaries and personal assistant
The bodyguards are mainly hired by wealthy business executives, many of whom are women themselves.
Even if they themselves are not armed, the women know how to disarm an attacker wielding a knife or a gun.
No matter what situation they’re put in, they are trained to know exactly how to get themselves out.
Their training program isn’t the most rigorous in the world, but it’s based off of many programs from around the world.
It doesn’t matter who they’re up against— when you’re a bodyguard, you need to know how to overcome someone no matter how big
Really, most people I know (male or female) would not be able to hold up to what they do.
While the beach may be a place for many people to relax, that’s certainly not the case here.
They need to know how to deal with all types of terrain and natural elements.
After all, there’s no guarantee when or where your client might be attacked.
Each training location comes with new challenges that must be overcome to graduate from the school.
They are shown no mercy.
They are not treated like ladies, but like warriors.
And just like warriors, they endure every test and hardship with strength and perseverance.
They know that the pain is only temporary…
…but that the honor of being chosen to protect someone’s life lasts forever.

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